Needed support for BigTreeTech TMC2240

Most of us are just now getting a BTT EBB SB2209 or SB2240. Please provide Klipper support for the TMC2240 drivers; thanks.

It’s kind of poor form to demand support from open source developers for a product we don’t make or sell. You should ask BTT to contribute support for these drivers since it’s their product.

BigTreeTech is a Klipper supporter and announced this new TMC driver a while back. They are currently off for their new year until the 26th.

This doesn’t change anything. They released a product that’s not currently supported by Klipper. My understanding is they intend to contribute the code to support 2240 drivers. Until that happens people will need to wait.

For reference they have a 2240 branch of Klipper here. No idea if it works.

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That branch seems to work; I haven’t thoroughly tested it, but the extruder stepper moves, ADXL345 provides data when quarried, and onboard temp reads correctly.

Tiny connectors are going to be troublesome to crimp and assemble. I need Antman to continue the testing!

I have submitted the following PR to mainline klipper: TMC2240 support by leptun · Pull Request #6076 · Klipper3d/klipper · GitHub

If you want you can give it a try with your board and report back if it works also for you. I don’t have a BTT board with TMC2240, but I do have the TMC2240-EVAL boards from trinamic and it works correctly for me.