Random Shutdowns

Hi all,

First time poster, but have been using Klipper for almost a year. Recently, I have been experiencing random shutdowns. These can happen at any time, from when the bed is heating up, to many hours into a long print. This only started happening a few weeks ago, but I have not been able to find the cause. Several errors have indicated that comms have been lost to the mcu, and at other times I have seen the error “Scheduled digital out event will exceed max_duration”. I have included a couple of klippy log files for reference.

Printer is a frankenstien bed-slinger that started life as an Ender 3 V2, using SKR V1,4 Turbo mainboard, and a 4GB RPI 4. Using FluiddPi and Moonraker

RPI untilisation never exceeds 20%. I am using the shielded USB cable that came with the SKR to connect the RPI to the mainboard, but I have tried other shielded cables with the same result. I also created a new sdcard for the RPI based on the fluiddpi V1.6.2 image, and copied my existing config file across. I’m really not sure what else to check, and so would very much appreciate any suggestions/ideas/hints etc.

Thanks in advance, John
klippy logs.zip (1.6 MB)