Rock64 + Klipper + Fluidd + KlipperScreen

After much ado I finally got everything working. I tried many flavors of linux and the only one that had decent video drivers was Ayufan’s prerelease version 0.11.2.-1187.
I purchased several Rock64’s some years ago for $20 off amazon. It was a security appliance with power supply. Used a couple for retro gaming. Next to print enclosure and mounting.

Here’s what you need. (I supplied links at the end)
*Linux Favor Ayufan= focal-minimal-rock64-0.11.2-1187-arm64.img.xz or newer.
*klipper screen = Kuman 7" HDMI 1024x600 - Amazon or aliexpress
*Download Kiauh and follow instructions. Seems all manual installs have been removed for search engines.

KlipperScreen Error I encountered -
xf86OpenConsole: Cannot open virtual console 2 (Permission denied)
Fix that worked →
sudo bash -c “echo needs_root_rights=yes>>/etc/X11/Xwrapper.config”

Some xorg random notes -
find monitor number via ssh do not type $
$ export DISPLAY=:0
$ xrandr --listmonitors
list display resolutions
$ xrandr -d :0
$ xrandr -display :0.0 --listmonitors

Monitors: 1-- 0: +*HDMI-1 1920/476x1080/268+0+0 HDMI-1

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Ayufan Rock64 0.11.2 Download page (scroll down)

Hello @godzilla62 !

Nice work.

I’m not sure if Configs is the right place for this:


I’ll move it to frontends:


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Thanks but it’s not just frontends but if people that have rock64 can find that would be fine.

If they do a forum search, they should find it.

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Ha, I remember that! I bought two of those myself. One of them is running Pi Hole on my home network in addition to a python script that turns the 16x2 LCD into a big digital clock that sits next to my TV. I’m using the other one to experiment with writing a sound/effects module for for a MIDI keyboard that uses my stock Ender 3 LCD/encoder for the UI.

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Just finished the enclosure


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