RPI zero W for only 1 heater and stepper

Hi All,

I am working on a kind of “nozzle cleaning” station, that makes life easyer for me in the cleaning nozzle thing.

Since I am new to klipper, and I love the ease of use and flexibility of it, I tought to do this little project also with klipper.

So I want to use an old V6 hotend and control the heater with it., as well as 1 stepper to be able to test an extruder or motor from time to time.
I only want to use stuff from my junk box for this, so I have available a Ramps 1.4 board with a mega2560 clone, and a pi zero W, 1st gen.

Is this pi powerfull enough to run mainsail and klipper on it for just one heater and sometime 1 motor?


Perfectly fine. You can even run the Pi Zero W for full blown Klipper as long as you don’t use a webcam or try to do resonance measurements.

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Thanks a lot, I’ll give it a shot!