Solved Problem to tare Probe when Bed Meshing

Hi there!
I had a problem to tare my probe when the Bed Meshing is in progress.
My Printer is a Mingda MagicianX with a piezo(like) probe with MCU and 2 Signal Pins.
One Signal for Probing and one for tare.
I created a macro that tares the probe on every probing move.

Add this Code into Probe Section:

activate_gcode: set_tare

Set the output pin for tare signal in your printer.cfg

[output_pin tare]
pin: !PE5 # SKR 3 Servo PE5 / PIN 12 (u103) on Mingda Hotend
value: 0

Add this Gcode Macro in your printer.cfg

[gcode_macro set_tare]
  G4 P500 #pause

For me it works fine!
I think you can use this configuration for all probes that needs to tared before probing…
Hopefully someone else can use this code.
Greetings Frank

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Thanks. :+1:

Any reason why you do did not do

deactivate_on_each_sample: True # Defaults to true, so just for clarity
# Action to perform prior the probe
    SET_PIN PIN=tare VALUE=1 # Activate tare signal 
# Action to perform after the probe
    SET_PIN PIN=tare VALUE=0 # Deactivate tare signal 

Edit: Even simpler, actually no need for separate macros

Hi, generally you are right.
For me it doesn’t work.
When the tare-signal is on, the probe don’t signal.
So i had to do a short tare before probing.
Thank you