Tilting and rotating bed feature

Can Klipper be so nice and push the boundaries for the next step in 3d printing.

We see people making the benchy to almost the limits with the CoreXY 3D Printers/Klipper, like the Ratrig or Voron.
A benchy in 4-8min was never heard of for a some time ago but it does stop there and can’t be better than that with the CoreXY 3D Printers. The only way to improve 3d printing for now is the bed with tilting and rotating.

I did asked in the Voron community what is preventing them in making the next step of 3d printing with tilting and rotating bed.
The answer I got was that it is missing the software that can do the task.

So I came here for asking, is there a chance that a feature for a tilting and rotating bed can be implement in the near future.?

This is more of an issue on the slicer software that some people are working on called “non-planer printing”

And on that, there are two routes being taken. Only moving the head up/down in addition to x/y movements which will be useful for current printers. The other path is rotating the platform which can ensure the print head is always perpendicular to the print, but that requires different bed kinematics that most printers don’t have yet.

Autodesk just released this as a preview option the other day for metal additive manufacturing.