Update issue (Klipper and Moonraker)

Hello, I just noticed recently that there is an issue with the upgrade process for Moonraker and Klipper on my setup. (See following screenshots from Fluidd)

When I click on the recover buttons, I get the following :frowning:

I am not too sure what is going on here as my system is working great otherwise. I haven’t messed with the files of these two component other than from the update button on the UI.

Do you guys have suggestions on what could be the problem and more importantly how to solve it? I am a bit scared to loose my config.

Thanks in advance!

OK, I am replying to my own question.

My klipper AND moonraker’s local git repository somehow got corrupted.

I was able to fix them with the following commands (after taking a backup of both folders)

find .git/objects/ -type f -empty | xargs rm
git fetch -p
git fsck --full

After the git repo maintenance:

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