Voxelab Aquila D1 printer.cfg

This is my printer.cfg file that works with my Voxelab Aquila D1 with the FFP 0261 mainboard and the N32G455 mcu. Many thanks for those that have helped me find the proper pinout.

printer.cfg (3.3 KB)


Could I get the proper pinout? Is this for the D1 ribbon cable to the extruder head? If not, do you have any idea where I can get one. I have a D! missing the entire extruder assembly; Voxelabs doesn’t support it anymore so I can’t get a replacement from them. I want to get it up and running, any advice is welcome.

In my first post, the file is for the printer.cfg file for use when converting the Aquila D1 to Klipper. It has the correct pinouts for the main board.

However— funny that you asked about the ribbon cable. I’ve just spent some time with a multimeter mapping the pins in the ribbon cable.

I’ll try to get them together for you.

Did you have to deal with any connection errors? I wasn’t able to flash via USB so I used an SD card.

Yes-- I flashed with an SD Card as well.

I didn’t have any errors with the config that I uploaded here. Initially, I tried to use some other config files, for an Aquila S1, and that resulted in an ADC error. Those were all I could find online. After those errors, I reach out to Alexey, and he sent me config file that I’ve shared here. That fixed it, for my Aquila D1 (ffp0261 main board, and an N32G455 chip).

Could I get that info on the ribbon cable pins? I’ve got a D1 printer down, waiting for it, and Voxelabs is closed for Chinese Holidays (not that I’ve had much luck getting info from them in the past - sigh.) I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!