Printers.test - Adding new mcu boards - getting build fail

I added 3 boards to printers.test and get a build error:
(Different boards use different ADC pins that overlap gpio)

Printers using the hc32f460

DICTIONARY hc32f460.dict
CONFIG …/…/config/printer-anycubic-kobra-2022.cfg
CONFIG …/…/config/printer-voxelab-aquila-2021.cfg
CONFIG …/…/config/printer-voxelab-aquila-x1-2021.cfg

files here:

error here:

I can see that the failing config build is using ADC pins from previous config (PA2) - so how do I differentiate the next build to use the proper ADC pins from Kconfig?
I tried to fix in the Kconfig but that didn’t help.
Is it a Kconfig problem? A build problem? Code? I could use some help

It looks to me like the build is failing because the printers.test file defines a test for printer-voxelab-aquila-2021.cfg using the mcu config found in test/config/hc32f460.config. That config doesn’t specify any machine Kconfig choices, so it’ll just use the “make menuconfig” defaults. If you want a config (and corresponding data dictionary) with different options you’d need to specify them explicitly (see test/configs/stm32f103-serial.config for an example).


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