WAVESHARE 4.3 inch DSI LCD touch not working

I’ve installed MainsailOS and Klipper to my Pi 4B (via the RPI Imager package) and have it working fine.

I’ve connected the WAVESHARE 4.3 inch DSI LCD to the Pi, and it runs KlipperScreen fine, however touch does not work at all.

I’ve tried the troubleshooting steps here by installing the G2 driver instead via raspi-config, but it has no effect. I believe i’m running ‘buster’ anyway.

Also, i’ve looked at the troubleshooting steps here, and it mentions that on ‘buster’ it should just work.

This screen is listed as known-working, so if anyone could provide any insight on what I could adjust to get the touch working on this screen it would be greatly appreciated.


edit: log attached
KlipperScreen.log (41.1 KB)
Xorg.0.log (10.0 KB)

OK so I think I’ve figured it out. I installed standard Pi OS with desktop to test it in an environment it’s tested to work, touch not working. Previously I have checked and reseated all ribbon cables. But I wiggled one of the ribbon cables on the back of the screen and got some flashes on the screen, and got intermittent touch response. Looks like the ribbon cable has a loose connection. But unsure if that’s something I can fix. RMA perhaps. That’s annoying. I thought WaveShare stuff was supposed to be good quality.

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You are definitely on the right track with the RMA route. FWIW, I have two of those screens, one running on a Pi3 and one on a Pi4. Both have been working flawlessly. One other aspect to think about though is your power supply - make sure that it has sufficient capacity to run the Pi and the screen. Even though I would not anticipate that touch would be the first function to go…

Sound like RMA indeed. We use Waveshare displays (different model though) in commercial projects, so far no issues with over 50 of them.