Weird Clogging/Under Extrusion Problem

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender 3 with belted z and biqu h2 v2 extruder
MCU / Printerboard:Biqu M4P
klippy.log (570.1 KB)

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Describe your issue:

Hi i have a really weird printing issue my temps dont go low or anything but my prints have empty lines like this.

Did another print last night nothing has changed i played with temps but not working still

Looking at your config, I do not see any apparent misconfiguration. The run_current of X, Y and Z seems quite low and you might want to cross-check this with the specification of your steppers.

Apart from this:

  • Such defects are only very rarely a “Klipper thing”
  • Most of the time it is caused by mechanical issues in your motion or extrusion system
  • Rarely also by some grossly misconfigured slicer settings

I think i found the problem it looks like my filament is slipping so i contacted biqu about it lets see what they say.And i took a look at stepper currents as you mentioned they were a little low as you said but i am gonna wait to adjust them since the printer has bigger problems ):Thanks for your help

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