X5SA Pro Unable to connect to MCU

Basic Information:

Printer Model: X5SA pro
MCU / Printerboard: Tronxy cxy-108408 V5
Host / SBC PR4

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Describe your issue:

klippy (1).log (203.1 KB)

I’ve been having trouble with my printer, and someone recommended that I install klipper.

 I followed a few tutorials on the net. Really couldn't find a specific one for my printer but got close. I followed the tutorials and installed klipper. my mainboard did beep twice after installing the upadte.cbd file. My new touchscreen does work and shows klipper. I can also log into fluid on the network, but I get the issue of MCU won't connect.

I’m probably sure it has something to do with the way I built the firmware but can’t figure out how to redo it. I did try but when I was done there was no new cbd file. So, any and all hep is appreciated.

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