"Already in a manual Z probe. Use ABORT to abort it" Error

Hey there, Recently switched to using Klipper/MainsailOS on my Ender 5 Plus. I was having issues with BED_MESH_CALIBRATE as anytime I would run it I would get the Already in manual Z probe error but everything else seemed to work so I just worked around it. As of yesterday I updated Klipper and my system packages and now I’m getting the error when I use SCREWS_TILT_CALCULATE and PROBE_CALIBRATE which I need for leveling my bed. I am completely stuck now and no one on the Klipper Discord has been able to help me so I am hoping I can finally resolve my issue here.

printer (4).cfg (3.0 KB)
mainsail (1).cfg (1.4 KB)

I figured out my issue. I had a custom PROBE_CALIBRATE gcode_macro that I made which turned out to be the cause of the issue so I deleted the macro and the problem went away.