BTT SKR mini E3 v2.0 config file

Hello there,

I thought I would share my config for my cartesian printer “ender 3” style printer, that uses a single BTT SKR mini E3 v2.0, on this here forum.

parumop_printer.cfg (33.7 KB)

This is for my ParumOp 3D printer, a customized CR-20 Pro/Ender3 style printer.
Link: https:// grabcad. com/library/the-parumop-r-rated-xy-3d-printer-cr-20-ender-3-2

I also have a macro file for this printer to be used with this printer.cfg file, to add more functionality to the printer than stock settings would allow.
Included is the profile I use for the printer with PLA material.

Link: ParumOp_Macro_and_Superlicer profiles.7z - Google Drive