Rescheduled timer in the past


Whereas Time too close rather indicates an overloaded / jammed host, this error points to an overloaded MCU


  • Too high step rate

Potential solutions

  • Check for approaching the limit:
    • Check the Benchmarks document and find the 3 stepper value for your MCU type
    • Check the klippy.log file and find lines similar to queue_step 0: t=72950209107 p=7317 i=28714 c=-29 a=214
    • If the i=xxx values are about the same or even lower than the 3 stepper value from the MCU benchmark then too many steps are requested
  • Reduce the microsteps setting of the steppers (typically X and Y)
  • Reduce printing speed
  • Also see Advanced Trouble-Shooting / Graphing Klipper