RESUME - Option to move to XY first then lower to Z

Requested feature:

The current implementation of RESUME moves the tool head diagonally (in Z) to the XYZ position where the toolhead will resume.

This can lead to a nozzle catch/crash and layer shift if there is any curling, warping etc.

I think it would be ideal to at least have an option to move first to XY position then down to Z to minimize the chance of any nozzle catch/crash.

In mainsail there is a parameter for Z height to lift on pause above the pause/resume position. This same z height could be used here.

Just as it makes sense to lift on pause it makes sense to unlift on resume.

Solves the following problem:

Nozzle catch/crash/layershift when hitting a curled edge or something else.

You can override the RESUME command with a macro that does whatever you want.

True. But I believe this would be a better approach for the standard behaviour across Klipper.

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