Running Klipper in a Virtual Machine (VM)

Running Klipper in a Virtual Machine (VM)

Klipper’s Requirements

  • Klipper does not need nor profits from high power CPUs or Giga-Bytes of RAM
  • Klipper requires near-realtime scheduling down to some 100 ms
  • Klipper requires direct and undisturbed hardware access

Virtual Machines Offer

  • Scheduling Fairness: Each VM shall have respective resources, access etc
  • Lots of “house-keeping” in the background
  • Abstracted access to USB or other hardware


  • It is not secured that Klipper’s requirements are fulfilled in a VM
  • Running Klipper under a VM may lead to subtle, intermittent and hard to diagnose issues, e.g. Timer too close errors
  • Running Klipper in a VM is generally not recommended or supported
  • It could work but potential issues will only be followed up when proven to happen in a standard (i.e. non VM) setup as well