Tronxy X5SA 500 - Spider 2.2 Installation?

I am trying to get Klipper on my Tronxy. Having some problems with the Troxy board, so this step is necessary for me :wink:

I will use a Raspi2 (if it does not work, it can be a 4).
Installed Octoprint (latest version)
made update/upgrade
did git clone clipper - installed
now the buidling micro crontroller, it is the pi?
I can not finde the Arm cortex A7 in the list, what does it mean?
“Atmega, Sam, Asmd, LPC, STMicro,Raspi RP2040, Linus, Host sim”
I do not have the Spider yet, do I need it already connected?

I’m not exactly sure what you are referring to.

To use the Fysetc Spider board refer to klipper/generic-fysetc-spider.cfg at master · Klipper3d/klipper · GitHub, especially the build information on top

I did not check in detail but for v2.2 you most likely will have to change the fan pins. Refer to FYSETC SPIDER - FYSETC WIKI

If you try to build for your Tronxy refer to klipper/printer-tronxy-x5sa-v6-2019.cfg at master · Klipper3d/klipper · GitHub or klipper/printer-tronxy-x5sa-pro-2020.cfg at master · Klipper3d/klipper · GitHub (depending on your exact model)

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Hi Sineos, thx again for your help!

I also found that here FYSETC SPIDER - FYSETC WIKI

I will try it tomorrow, hopefully the board is comming.

My model is the X5SA 500 PRO

its a bit confusing

the board arrived, so I power it up with the 24V DC
connect the PI just with USB or the pin-connectors?? where is a step by step manual to get first system alive?

Follow this instruction Installation - Klipper documentation
and the information in the cfg file posted above.

Connection to the Pi via USB.

docu tells me to change bootloader address to 0x08008000
the stme32 tells me “out of range” ?

is it fine?

Correct or not? thx

other problem, cannot determine the serial port?

I have not setup my own Spider yet since the printer it will serve is still WIP.

When the ls /dev/serial/by-id/* command delivers no result, then most probably the board is not correctly flashed.
The cfg point to an entry address of 0x08000000 but your screenshot shows 0x08008000

According to the Fysetc Wiki, it should have been as simple as renamining klipper.bin to firmware.bin and copy it to the SD card.
Further it looks like you killed the bootloader now. Not a tradegy:

  1. Follow FYSETC-SPIDER/bootloader at main · FYSETC/FYSETC-SPIDER · GitHub
  2. Build the firmware according to FYSETC SPIDER - FYSETC WIKI → Choose 32Kib bootloader in make menuconfig
  3. Rename klipper.bin to firmware.bin and copy it to the Spider’s SD card
  4. Insert SD card and reset the board
  5. Wait a bit and reset again

Now you should be good to go.

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I already have a running system, time to finde out whats wrong.
combined the generic-spider and the tronxy.cfg
hopefully I did not do too much wrong
klippy.log (27.6 KB)
printer.cfg (6.0 KB)
is it the only way to run the printer over the OctoPrint, there is no way for a display on the spider, does a display on the pi bring up some more functionallity?

Either your bed or hot-end temp sensor is not working. Check connection and pin definition

actually nothing is connected yet
need more infos how to

I have TMC2209 Drivers, what are the pinconnectors about and X/Y is much different
thinking of leaving them for a pt100 (later)

Um, not meant harsh, but I cannot walk you through connecting your board step by step.
There are enough guides how to connect the hardware: setup fysetc spider - Google Search

For connecting the TMC2209 be sure to check this information: FYSETC SPIDER - FYSETC WIKI

I’d recommend to connect the basic things from your old printer first and get it running. Klipper will most likely only start working correctly when you have correctly connected your hardware.

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board is already running and leveling, but now I get a shutdown… when I press homing ?

There is a difference on what “Safe & Restart” after changing the printer.cfg does.
Not Klipper and only on that it takes effect.

What does Save & Restart realy do?

Please post your klippy.log file

Already solved on RMS Amperes, different on Klipper.
Today I will position the borad on the printer and get cooling fans for drivers running
then the first big print will run hopefully.

Nearly done…

Hello @4711Austria can you help me with the same problems like you had in this post?

there is a German Forum where I found the same pics you post here. Maybe you are the same one who wrote the German post. I send you a DM there…