What happened with the STM32F207 micro?

I was looking to test out some high speed stepping and I have a big history building hardware based on the STM32F207 which I noticed has some support in Klipper. However it doesn’t seem to work as it stands, well the USB wouldn’t come up.

I have made changes and have the USB working and some basic functions but I am trying to carefully test with actual stepper motors and I am having issue trying to test and debug things. Unless I am missing something from all the excellent documentation in the project I am looking for some simple ways to test steppers manually.

I would like to be able to configure the pins and issue commands to get step generation working so I can tune up the hardware.

I went ahead and created a simple printer.cfg file with only the printer and the steppers defined. However I can’t yet “home” my printer so I am still looking for a way to start generating pulses.

Yes I used STEPPER_BUZZ but I am looking for more than that.

There must be something that I am missing.

Typical tools for debugging are the force_move config section (and associated commands). It’s also sometimes convenient to use the none kinematics and define the steppers with manual_stepper config sections. (See docs/Config_Reference.md for the details.) It’s also possible to manually send low-level mcu commands via the console.py tool (see docs/Debugging.md for the details.)


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