Belt Printer Support

Hey Guys, since belt printers also getting more affordable, how would it be to make kipper more Belt friendly ?

Features like an updated Gcode viewer for 45° or via config settable. It locks funny now :slight_smile: (the belt is Z).

Also input shaper for Z belt :slight_smile: Pressure advance is also a nice feature but I have no clue how to make in work on a belt printer.

HI guys,

It can be nice to switch the Z-offset to Y-offset as it is use a Z position against the belt. but I don’t fine any script to modify it.

for the pressure advance I use a BOX with 45° angle support and start the pressure advance line in the gcode when the 45° support is finish, the only difficulty it to define the starting point in negative value in order to reach positive value when the command request as it depend of previous printed mm or line (that i don’t know but with few fails you will fine the right value.)

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still try to figure it out with the Y offset because I was trying to work with the BL Touch but yeaaa … unhappy … was was thinking about change Z and Y in the config for testing but had not enough time for that

The good thing with belt printer is that you don’t have to level a entire flat bed just check the line on the x axis. I don’t know how to switch from Z-offset function to custom Y-Offset function as the Y-offset function in klipper is for the probe position.
If a special Y-offset function can be done it will be possible to make custom bed mesh on a line. I have to look in the klippy script but I am not a programmer so it can take time and lot of effort.

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Yes but the key point is that if you have an BL touch klipper is moving the Z to probe,
In your case this is the belt moving we would need to move the Y and it was corrently for me not able to figure out how to trick klipper to move the Y insted of the Z

He naild the problem waht we are faceing

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Isn’t it possible to use this here:
Then for G28 Z you can try homing Y instead.

Thanks I will give this a try, but in the end it will still peform Z hops while probing, klipper/ at 0b918b357cb0c282d53cbdf59e1931a2054cd60a · Klipper3d/klipper · GitHub

I will take some time for this script maybe

nope this was not working with the override of Z

Hello guys,

So I was able to reach the point where I can get probe value after bedmesh that make the bed leveling adjustement easy with the adjusting screw. however klipper is not able to create bedmesh profile yet. I will try again.
You can find my modified files on my github below

IDEAFORMER-IR3-V1-Klipper/y-probe at main · milkapot/IDEAFORMER-IR3-V1-Klipper


MACRO, Modified Klipper and MAINSAIL for IDEAFORMER IR3v1 AWD

If you can try it and let me know if is working for you too.


Did this ever end up working out for everyone im fairly new to all this and my ir3 went down for parts and wanted to attempt klipper on it while i was at it

tryied it but had error while configuration

I would really like a solution for this. I would like to use Klipper on my artillery sidewinder belt printer. Moving the homing to the y axis would solve this so that z could be infinite.

we do need a way to assume homing for the belt. I had to use a virtual pin extra and a homing override for my ender belt 90°