Klipper auto starts printing after a print finish


Im new to Klipper and I’ve installed a Manta M5P with CB1 into my Anycubic mega pro. after doing my research before installing the board I set Klipper up and learning it. After installing it I didn’t get any errors just had to flip 2 motors. so I go lucky.

But what I’m having a problem with is. After a print finish the printer starts up again and starts printing again. I can’t find anything on this. Im using the default end_print code. but added a few lines.

What am I over looking or am I missing a shutdown command?

klippy.log (30.6 KB)

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Anycubic Mega Pro
MCU / Printerboard: CB1

Screen Shot 2023-05-04 at 9.37.49 PM

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Have you found any solution to this problem, I have the same problem?
I have a Manta M8P, a CB1 board with a TFT35 SPI Touch Screen.
If I don’t press “main menu” on the screen it will restart the print after a while.

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You already ask after 4 hours while the OP did not get a response from the team (night time at some places in the world)?


The klippy.log seems not to be complete.

(Had a typo - darn)

It just ends with the config, but no runtime information.

Quite surprising that it would start on its own. With a quick test on my side I could not reproduce the issue, even with [sdcard_loop] activated in my config.

In doubt this would require a more in depth analysis of a more complete klippy.log and potentially the moonraker.log

If you do not need the functionality, then remove [sdcard_loop] from your cfg and check if the topic reproduces.

The full file was to big to upload at 15.1mb where the man is set to 8mb.

How can I upload the full log file

You can zip it.


Ive just checked and the only thing I could find in any file was this for sdcard


path: ~/printer_data/gcodes
on_error_gcode: CANCEL_PRINT

moonraker.log (61.0 KB)
klippy.log (852.4 KB)

Ive just uploaded the full Klipper and moon raker file

The log you posted has sdcard_loop and a macro for M808. Unless you have a belt printer, you should remove those.

This was the problem in your print.cgf disable this


[gcode_macro M808]
gcode =
{% if params.K is not defined and params.L is defined %}SDCARD_LOOP_BEGIN COUNT={params.L|int}{% endif %}
{% if params.K is not defined and params.L is not defined %}SDCARD_LOOP_END{% endif %}
{% if params.K is defined and params.L is not defined %}SDCARD_LOOP_DESIST{% endif %}

Ive just checked on my printer but its still running by it’s self

I took and # the sdcard and the m808 out but no luck

Can you repost the klippy.log?

klippy.log (69.1 KB)
moonraker.log (52.0 KB)

Those look good.

Have you checked mainsail ?

Can’t find anything that will trigger a reprint.

Is they’re anyway I could do a log to see every command that’s sent?

I’m not familiar with Moonraker and Mainsail.

With OctoPrint I can do a serial.log.

I think, you could use this.
“Motion analysis and data logging” from Debugging - Klipper documentation.
This, also might be useful moonraker/history.py at master · Arksine/moonraker · GitHub. See also moonraker/configuration.md at master · Arksine/moonraker · GitHub.

Please correct me, if I wrote nonsense!

Good luck, hcet14

You need to increase logging verbosity of moonraker. See Installation - Moonraker

This means you need to stop the moonraker service and start it manually, e.g. with

/home/klipper/moonraker-env/bin/python /home/klipper/moonraker/moonraker/moonraker.py -d /home/klipper/printer_data -v

-v enables verbose logging. /home/klipper/... needs to be adapted to your settings / user

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Those links are over my head on the log. Im lost on this problem. It was doing good the past 2 days then today it crashed and I’m trying to get my first layer back now.

Sometimes it starts up a few hours when its just sitting sometimes is 10 mins. theirs no pattern to the it starts. and I just had it start with no file open. it just printing the first print

Is their anyway I could pull the SD card out of my board and upload the files to here so you could check it out.
klippy.log (32.6 KB)
moonraker.log (304.8 KB)