Regular freezes causing blobs and zits?

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Prusa MK3S+ Bear
MCU / Printerboard: Einsy Rambo
Host / SBC: Raspberry Pi 400

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Describe your issue:

I have recently noticed that my printer will freeze up every few seconds and leave small blobs on the print. I was able to time it and it looks like it happens every 5-6 seconds. Any help would be appreciated.

Here’s a clip of this happening:

EDIT: I really need to start looking closer at my klippy.logs
The issue turned out to be my second filament sensor constantly triggering and freezing every now and then. I fixed this by disabling it when not in use.

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False triggering is a common problem with filament sensors.

Also, honestly, good job on finding your solution. A lot of people just come and post and expect others to troubleshoot for them.

The klippy logs have a ton of information, sometimes it seems like overkill, but nearly everything is in there somewhere.


Do you run more on the Pi400 than just Klipper?

I’m wondering, is there a resource to help other people decode their klippy.logs so that there are fewer simple fix topics like this? If not, maybe a single page where people post their simple fixes on could suffice?

Do you know this one?

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Thank you. No, I didn’t know that one, but I was wondering how people got those graphs in other forum posts.